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Faith in Worthless Things
Artist: Lee Fletcher (with Markus Reuter and Lisa Fletcher)
Format: cd

The debut solo album by producer, songwriter, and musician Lee Fletcher, featuring Lisa Fletcher ..
Source Of Joy
Artist: Robert Jurjendal
Format: cd

  Lying somewhere between contemporary classical, ambient, rock and soundscape music, as..
A Flaw Of Nature
Artist: Sonar
Format: cd

Zurich based Sonar stands for Sonic Architecture and was formed by Stephan Thelen, one of the fir..
Greatest Hits
Artist: Sha's Feckel
Format: cd

Sha's Feckel's 'Greatest Hits' recorded Live at Kaufleuten, Switzerland in 2011.   "..
Artist: Zweiton
Format: cd

Mixed and produced by Adrian Benavides and Markus Reuter, Zweiton's first release Form is entirel..
Backup Aura
Artist: Tobias Reber
Format: cd

The sound sources used for the pieces range from field recordings to meticulously designed sample..
Artist: The Redundant Rocker
Format: cd

Bernhard Woestheinrich's second album as The Redundant Rocker puts the emphasis on the 'song' and..
Confession And Release
Artist: Moonbound
Format: cd

Moonbound's debut album Confession And Release combines accessible hooks and potent rock energy, ..
Artist: The Redundant Rocker
Format: cd

Described as 'Fat Boy Slim meets Brian Eno', The Redundant Rocker (Centrozoon's Bernhard Wösthein..
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