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Urban Psalm - Live (Signed)
Artist: Icon
Format: DVD

Icon was a collaborative duo comprising the late John Wetton and Yes keyboardist Geoff Downe..
Yes in the 1980s: Decades
Artist: Stephen Lambe with David Watkinson
Format: Book/Magazine

Yes in the 1980s follows the careers of all nine significant members of Yes during a turbulent de..
The Royal Affair And After (Signed)
Artist: John Lodge
Format: CD

The Royal Affair And After features live recordings from the Summer of 2019, when John ..
Signed photo: In Action with Earthworks 2003
Artist: Bill Bruford
Format: Poster/Print

A 10” x 8”signed photo of Bill Bruford in action with Earthworks in 2003. Signed by BB ..
Signed: At Hybrid Drum Kit, King Crimson 1980s
Artist: Bill Bruford
Format: Poster/Print

A 10” x 8” signed photo of Bill Bruford at King Crimson soundcheck with his hybrid kit circa 1981..
Signed Tama Drums Promotional shot 2006
Artist: Bill Bruford
Format: Poster/Print

A 2006 10” x 8” signed promotional BB shot for Tama Drums. Signed by Bill Bruford in 2021. Ex..
Chemical Reactions (Signed)
Artist: Gavin Harrison and Antoine Fafard
Format: CD

Chemical Reactions is a collaboration between Gavin Harrison and Antoine Fafa..
Between A Breath And A Breath
Artist: Dyble Longdon
Format: CD

Dyble Longdon is a collaboration between Judy Dyble (ex Fairport Convention) and Big Big Train mu..
Yes On Track (Signed)
Artist: Stephen Lambe
Format: Book/Magazine

Sonicbond’s On Track series offers a song by song analysis of the work of major Rock ba..
Lucky Man Art Print (Signed)
Artist: Greg Lake
Format: Poster/Print

The lyrics for Lucky Man written in Greg Lake's unique hand calligraphy and printed on textured w..
Jon Anderson and The Warriors - the road to Yes
Artist: David Watkinson
Format: Book/Magazine

A meticulously researched book about Jon Anderson and his early band The Warriors&..
Contaminated Pop (Signed)
Artist: Barry Andrews
Format: CD

Contaminated Pop is Barry Andrews’ 2019 solo album and features full production and all new mater..
Great Aspirations EP (signed)
Artist: TC&I
Format: CD

The debut EP by TC&I sees Colin Moulding and Terry Chambers put their&nbs..
Bill Bruford Maple Wood ProMark drumsticks (signed)
Artist: Bill Bruford
Format: Merchandise

A pair of unused Bill Bruford Maple Wood tip ProMark SD4W drumsticks, machine autographed but als..
Uncharted: Creativity and the Expert Drummer Hardback
Artist: Bill Bruford
Format: Book/Magazine

Bill Bruford’s Uncharted explores the creativity involved in the way drummers make thin..
1971-1979 The Band Years
Artist: Eddie Jobson
Format: CD

1971-1979 The Band Years is a compilation chronicling the first decade of Eddie Jobson’s..
Still Testifying - Signed
Artist: My Darling Clementine
Format: Vinyl

Michael Weston King and wife Lou Dalgleish, aka My Darling Clementine, return with ..
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