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Azure D’Or
Artist: Renaissance
Format: CD/Blu-Ray
Availability: 25-11-2022
An expanded and remastered 2CD/Blu-Ray edition of the classic Renaissance album Azure D..
Pillows & Prayers (40th Anniversary)
Artist: Various Artists
Format: Boxset
Availability: 11-11-2022
Originally conceived as a label sampler by A&R man Mike Alway, Pillows And Prayers quickly be..
Revolver (Super Deluxe) (5CD)
Artist: The Beatles
Format: Boxset
Availability: 28-10-2022
A 2022 mix of the Beatles' iconic 1966 release Revolver by producer Giles Martin a..
Rage In Eden (Super Deluxe)
Artist: Ultravox
Format: Boxset
Availability: 30-09-2022
Regarded as the strongest Ultravox release of all, Rage In Eden was produ..
The Asylum Albums (1972-1975)
Artist: Joni Mitchell
Format: Boxset

The Asylum Albums (1972-1975) includes Bernie Grundman remastered versions of For ..
The Theory of Molecular Inheritance (Deluxe)
Artist: Arena
Format: Boxset
Availability: 21-10-2022
The tenth studio release from Neo-Prog legends Arena features a line-up of Mic..
McCartney I / II / III
Artist: Paul McCartney
Format: Boxset

A very limited vinyl box set collecting the eponymous solo albums written, performed and produced..
Working Our Way Back To You: The Ultimate Collection
Artist: Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons
Format: Boxset
Availability: 09-12-2022
Over 44 CDs and 1LP, Working Our Way Back To You chronicles Frankie Valli's every stride through ..
Art / Empire / Industry
Artist: Bill Nelson's Red Noise
Format: Boxset

4CD/2DVD (ntsc/region free) boxset containing the complete recordings made by Bill Nelson's influ..
De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (25th Anniversary)
Artist: Mayhem
Format: Boxset

25th anniversary box set edition of what is often considered to be the most important Black Metal..
The 2009 deluxe box set edition of the groundbreaking In The Court Of The Crimson King.  ..
Got The Fire – Complete Recordings 1973-1976
Artist: Montrose
Format: Boxset

A comprehensive collection of the early 1970s work of Classic Rock outfit Montrose, featuring the..
Seasons – The Island Albums 1972-1976
Artist: Stomu Yamashta
Format: Boxset

The first ever box set celebrating the remarkable work of Stomu Yamashta for Island Records betwe..
Album Box Sets (cd)
Artist: ABBA
Format: Boxset

ABBA’s complete album collection - updated to include Voyage - also featuring bonus tracks, non-a..
Sulk (40th Anniversary)
Artist: Associates
Format: Boxset

Associates' second studio album Sulk, released in 1982, was the group's definitive statement, a f..
Lockdown Trilogy
Artist: Mariusz Duda
Format: Boxset

The Lockdown Trilogy is a deluxe 4 disc boxset showcasing a fascinating instrumental ele..
Making A Song And Dance: A Complete-Career Collection
Artist: Bill Bruford
Format: Boxset

Making A Song And Dance is a 6CD box set covering Bill Bruford’s remarkable musical journey throu..
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