Format: Boxset
Artist: Arena
CatNo: VGCD053
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Arena The Theory of Molecular Inherita Boxset Clive Nolan
The tenth studio release from Neo-Prog legends Arena features a line-up of Mick Pointer (ex Marillion), Clive Nolan (Pendragon), John Mitchell (It Bites/Lonely Robot) and Damian Wilson (Threshold/Rick Wakeman).
Renowned Artist David Wyatt (JRR Tolkien, Terry Pratchett) designed the artwork.
Produced, recorded and mixed by John Mitchell.
Double CD deluxe earbook edition.


1. Time Capsule
2. The Equation (The Science of Magic) 
3. Twenty-One Grams
4. Confession
5. The Heiligenstadt Legacy
6. Field of Sinners
7. Pure of Heart
8. Under the Microscope 
9. Integration
10. Part of You
11. Life Goes On
Bonus CD
1. Vindication (full band)
2. The Equation (The Science of Magic) (acoustic version) 
3. Pure of Heart (acoustic version)
4. The Heiligenstadt Legacy (acoustic version)
5. Life Goes On (acoustic version)
6. Twenty-One Grams (instrumental version)
7. Field of Sinners (instrumental version)
8. Part of you (instrumental version)