Format: CD/DVD
Artist: Marillion
CatNo: 217427EMU
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Marillion An Hour Before Its Dark CD_DVD Steve Hogarth

An Hour Before It's Dark is the 20th studio album from the ever-evolving Marillion.

CD/DVD in mediabook.

1 Be Hard On Yourself
  i The Tear in the Big Picture
  ii Lust for Luxury
  iii You Can Learn
2 Reprogram the Gene
  i Invincible
  ii Trouble-free Life
  iii A Cure for Us?
3 Only a Kiss (Instrumental)
4 Murder Machines Marillion
5 The Crow and the Nightingale
6 Sierra Leone
  i Chance in a Million
  ii The White Sand
  iii The Diamond
  iv The Blue Warm Air
  v More Than a Treasure
7 Care
  i Maintenance Drugs
  ii An Hour Before It's Dark
  iii Every Call
  iv Angels of Earth
DVD containing a 48khz 16 bit WAV stereo mix, DTS 754 surround mix and video content including a documentary on the making of the album and a performance of Murder Machines from Real World Studios.