The 2016 debut release from US band They Seem Like Owls powerfully combines Progressive Rock, Post-Metal and Experimental influences, along with non-musical inspirations from the likes of David Lynch and Albert Camus.
A CD/DVD presented in a beautiful three-fold cardboard sleeve, the DVD-V contains a 5.1 surround sound mix of the album (by TPT's Bruce Soord) in DTS.
1. Chasm (6:36)
2. Vertices (2:04)
3. Elevator (6:38)
4. Thanksgiving (4:28)
5. Light Field (5:39)
6. Cave (2:03)
7. Shooter (7:01)
8. Sisyphus (5:40)
9. Empty Offer (1:26)
Jason Margaritis: Vocals 
Dan Cutright: Guitars, bass, synths 
Billy Cole: Drums 
Michael Schiavoni: Saxophone 
Artwork and CD/DVD package design: Shawn Pratzner
Manufactured by: Groove House Records
Mixed by: Julien Fehlmann
Mastered by: Magnus Lindberg
Surround Sound by: Bruce Soord