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No Time For Silence
Artist: Secret Voices
Format: cd

Conceived by producers, Tim Motzer (Nine Horses/Ursula Rucker) and Enrico Marani, Secret Voices c..
Artist: The Redundant Rocker
Format: cd

Described as 'Fat Boy Slim meets Brian Eno', The Redundant Rocker (Centrozoon's Bernhard Wösthein..
Earth To Ether
Artist: Theo Travis
Format: cd

Earth to Ether is British saxophonist/flautist/ composer Theo Travis's  sixth album for the ..
Hotel Soundtrack
Artist: Mike Figgis
Format: cd

Acclaimed director and gifted trumpeter/composer Mike Figgis made his Burning Shed label debut wi..
Slow Life
Artist: Theo Travis
Format: cd

Occupying a territory between the Minimalist excursions of Steve Reich and the loop innovations o..
Heart Of The Sun
Artist: Theo Travis
Format: cd

The album includes seven Travis originals which feature his strong melodies, varied compositional..
Artist: Hugh Hopper
Format: cd-r

In 2003, ex-Soft Machine 'fuzz-bass' innovator Hugh Hopper gifted Burning Shed one of the albums ..
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