Format: vinyl
Artist: Clark
CatNo: 4839874
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Clark Playground In A Lake Double vinyl
Clark’s Playground In A Lake -  on renowned label Deutsche Grammophon - is a beautiful ‘extinction myth’ concept album about 'the last human on earth', 'the betrayal of innocence’, ‘buried memories’ and more.
The album was recorded with string ensembles in Budapest and Berlin, and also features Chris Taylor (Grizzly Bear) on clarinet, Rakhi Singh on violin, Yair Elazar Glotman on double bass and others.
As well as scoring the guests’ parts, Clark himself sings and plays Disklavier, piano, synths and cello, often manipulating the instruments electronically. 
A unique and haunting work that sometimes recalls aspects of Max Richter, Popol Vuh, Björk, Dungen, Scott Walker, Ian Curtis, and Bernard Herrmann.
Double vinyl.
1. Lovelock
2. Lambent Rag 
3. Citrus
4. Forever Chemicals
5. More Islands
1. Small
2. Disguised Foundation
3. Suspension Reservoir
4. Entropy Polychord
5. Aura Nera
1. Already Ghosts
2. Earth Systems
3. Emissary
4. Comfort and Fear
1. Shut You Down
2. Life Outro