Format: Vinyl/CD
Artist: Lonely Robot
CatNo: 19658724131
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Lonely Robot A Model Life White double vinyl_CD John Mitchell

Lonely Robot returns with its 5th studio album, A Model Life.

Broadening his sonic palette, project mastermind John Mitchell (It Bites, Frost*) explores new territory, crafting sounds more expansive in nature but never lacking his inherent feel for big melodies and even bigger choruses.

From the introspective title track, to the soaring and epic Duty Of Care, this a record unlike anything in Mitchell’s catalogue.

Once again, John is joined by drummer extraordinaire Craig Blundell (Steve Hackett/Steven Wilson).

Limited 180g white double vinyl in gatefold sleeve with insert and CD.

Includes signed postcard (whilst stocks last)

1. Recalibrating 5:02 
2. Digital God Machine 6:08 
1. Species In Transition 6:19 
2. Starlit Stardust 5:48 
1. The Island Of Misfit Toys 4:18 
2. A Model Life 5:27 
3. Mandalay 1:56 
1. Rain Kings 6:33 
2. Duty Of Care 6:24 
3. In Memoriam 5:53 
1. Recalibrating 5:02 
2. Digital God Machine 6:08 
3. Species In Transition 6:19 
4. Starlit Stardust 5:48 
5. The Island Of Misfit Toys 4:18 
6. A Model Life 5:27 
7. Mandalay 1:56 
8. Rain Kings 6:33 
9. Duty Of Care 6:24
10. In Memoriam 5:53