Format: CD
Artist: Banco De Gaia
CatNo: GKOCD010
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Memories Dreams Reflections Banco De Gaia cd
A two cd collection celebrating two decades of Banco De Gaia's Ambient and Downtempo Electronica.
The retrospective takes a fresh look at Banco's past work and that of others, and features ambitious re-workings of King Crimson's Starless, Pink Floyd's Echoes and Hawkwind's Spirit of the Age, all of which blend Banco's electronic vision seamlessly with the Progressive ambition of the original recordings.
The second cd collects live recordings dating from 1993 onwards.
CD 1:
1. Spirit Of The Age
2. Starless
3. Echoes
4. Soufie (Now That's What I Call 2009)
5. Tempra
6. Terra Om
CD 2:
1. Analogique
2. Indecision
3. Soufie (Blue Mix)
4. Qurna
5. China
6. Celestine
7. How Much Reality Can You Take?
8. No Rain
9. Drunk As A Monk
10. Last Train To Lhasa