Format: CD
Artist: Billy Bottle & The Multiple
CatNo: CDLR693
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Unrecorded Beam Billy Bottle The Multiple CD


Re-addressing the concept of a concept album - Unrecorded Beam combines the poetry of American Transcendentalist, Henry David Thoreau, with a British blend of jazz, rock, Canterbury Prog and folk. 
Produced by Lee Fletcher and featuring Markus Reuter, Kate Westbrook and bass ace Mike Outram.
Having run away from the circus to tour Japan with Caravan's Dave Sinclair,
Billy Bottle now burrows in the depths of Devon, England.
Band leader, multi-instrumentalist and pianist for Mike Westbrook's Big Band,
Billy blends a hint of Canterbury-scene with jazz and folk, bringing forth his new offering, Unrecorded Beam.
This mini-epic concept album, set to the poetry of American Transcendentalist, Henry David Thoreau, connotes nostalgia and whimsy, whilst pushing the experimental/free improvisational boundaries.
Produced by Lee Fletcher of Unsung Productions, Unrecorded Beam has been adorned with Fletcher's distinctive approach, creating an enchanting and ethereal soundscape - suitably complimenting Thoreau's evocative landscape.
The Multiple is led by vocalist/violinist Martine Waltier, supported by the flute of Vivien Goodwin-Darke, the stomping trombone of Angus Menter and
the daring sax of Roz Harding.
Premiering on bass guitar is renowned jazz guitarist, Mike Outram, who can be found playing alongside the percussive flair of Gary Evans. With cameo appearances from legendary chanteuse, Kate Westbrook, organist Kula Shaker's Jay Darlington, and touch guitar specialist, Markus Reuter, Billy Bottle & The Multiple have re-created and readdressed the concept of a concept album - an odyssey defying all odds!


1. Within The Circuit Of This Plodding Life 1:39
2. Winter Memories 5:56
3. The Vessel 10:34
4. Inward Morning 1:52
5. O Nature 5:45
6. Outward Morning 8:23
7. Fog 7:27
8. Mere Smoke Of Opinion 2:58
9. Men Say They Know Many Things 3:33