Live At the Bicentennial 1976 is Gentle Giant's first 'official' live recording since Playing the Fool Live in the 1970s and features Gentle Giant at its most unedited, uninhibited and unrepentant. 
The recording is taken from a radio station broadcast of a concert on July 3rd 1976 at the Calderone Theater, Hempstead, Long Island. There are no overdubs or other enhancements on this very live recording.
Double cd in digipak.
CD 1:
1. Intro/Just The Same
2. Proclamation/Valedictory
3. On Reflection
4. Interview
5. The Runaway/Experience
6. So Sincere
CD 2
1. Excerpts From Octopus
2. Give It Back
3. Timing
4. Freehand