Format: CD
Artist: Lo-Fi Resistance
CatNo: SL02
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Lo-Fi Resistance The Age Of Entitlement cd
Released in 2014 as a download only album, The Age Of Entitlement is the third major release from eclectic US band Lo-Fi Resistance.
Now available on CD, the album is the first to be a complete solo effort by band founder, Randy McStine. 
Throughout its 33 minutes, The Age Of Entitlement recalls the experimental Art Pop of mid-'70s Todd Rundgren, Magazine-influenced Post-Punk gloom, the extended guitar textures of Bill Nelson's early solo work, and more.
1. Pill (2.34)
2. Program (3:19)
3. Retirement (6.33)
4. Fly (5.02)
5. 2554 (5.09)
6. Krafty (2.57)
7. The Age Of Entitlement (7.01)