Format: Vinyl
Artist: Lunatic Soul
CatNo: KSCOPE863
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Lunatic Soul Walking On A Flashlight Beam Mariusz Duda vinyl
Walking On A Flashlight Beam is the 2014 album from Mariusz Duda's solo project, Lunatic Soul.
Commenting on his new opus Duda says, "These are very dark and intense compositions, but very melodious too. I think it's one of the best things I've ever written, if not the best." 
As with previous Lunatic Soul albums, artwork was created by the renowned cover artist Travis Smith (Opeth, Riverside etc). 
180g gatefold double LP version.
Side A:
1. Shutting Out The Sun [8:40]
2. Cold [6:58]
Side B:
1. Gutter [8:42]
2. Stars Sellotaped [1:34]
3. The Fear Within [7:10]
Side C:
1. Treehouse [5:31]
2. Pygmalion's Ladder [12:02]
Side D:
1. Sky Drawn In Crayon [4:58]
2. Walking On A Flashlight Beam [8:11]