Dedicated to Kevin Ayers, Psychedelic oddballs The Invisible Opera Company Of Tibet join forces with Daevid Allen for two fine and feisty versions of Gong's 1971 slice of wonder, Tried So Hard.

A limited edition - 500 globally - heavyweight 7" vinyl single in numbered, protective inner bag in a picture sleeve.


Side A: 
Tried So Hard (4'55) 
Side B: 
Tried So Hard (live) (4'46) 


Daevid Allen {lead vocals}
Brian Zero Abbott {Guitars, backing vocals}
Jackie Juno {Backing vocals}
Phil O'Sophical Curtis {Bass}
Clive Kinski Buckland-Bork {Keyboards}
Trina McTeabag {Backing vocals}
Dan'tastic Barber {Drums - Side A}
AJ Shaw {Drums - Side B}