Format: Vinyl
Artist: Anathema
CatNo: VILELP414
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Alternative 4 Anathema Vinyl
Released in 1998, 'Alternative 4', Anathema's fourth studio album, quickly became the band's best-selling and most highly regarded release to date.
Containing evocative atmospheric passages and emotional Rock anthems, Alternative 4 represented a giant progression from the band's previous work and hinted at the massive changes to come.
Displaying a more mature sound  than the band's earlier recordings, this is the album that gave birth to the more conceptual approach, that the band took further on such albums as a 'A Fine Day To Exit' and 'A Natural Disaster'.
Duncan Patterson was a major writing contributor to the album. This was the last album to feature the bassist (who went on to form Antimatter & then band Alternative 4)
Limited heavyweight 180gm vinyl edition.
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Side 1:
1. Shroud Of False 
2. Fragile Dreams 
3. Empty 
4. Lost Control 
5. Re-Connect 
6. Inner Silence 
Side 2:
1. Alternative 4 
2. Regret 
3. Feel 
4. Destiny