Format: Book/Magazine
Artist: Andrew Keeling
CatNo: ISBN9780956297716
Andrew Keeling's second guide to the work of King Crimson provides an informative insight into the secret mechanics that power the innovative music of one of the most uncompromising Rock groups of all time.
It is generously illustrated with photographs and musical notation diagrams. This is a scholastic yet accessible work. Andrew Keeling's credentials as composer and academic are impeccable. He holds a PhD from the University of Manchester and has works published by Faber in the UK and PRB in the USA. His musical compositions have been performed, recorded and broadcast throughout the world.
This guide takes you through the complexities of the music, stripping away layer after layer to reveal the inner workings of the exquisite machinery of harmony, counterpoint and rhythm that, seemingly so effortlessly, go together to make "In The Wake Of Poseidon" and "McDonald and Giles".
"King Crimson is fortunate to have its music as expertly considered as this." - Robert Fripp
"A brilliant analysis revealing the composition, structure and influences." - Michael Giles
By Andrew Keeling edited by Mark Graham.
Andrew Keeling is a composer and musician living in the North of England and has a PhD from the University of Manchester. His orchestrations of Robert Fripp's Soundscapes were performed by the Metropole Orchestra in Amsterdam in 2003 and, as a flautist, he has recently formed an improvisation duo with former King Crimson violinist David Cross.