Format: CD
Artist: The Relatives
CatNo: 2070701
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Trans Europ Connection The Relatives cd
Anglo-Dutch band the Relatives formed in the late 1980s, when Jack Monck and Willem Jan Droog met in London. 
Both had been involved in and influenced by the UK's Canterbury scene bands. Jack played in Delivery with the Miller brothers and Pip Pyle, collaborated with members of Henry Cow and had worked with the legendary Syd Barrett. Willem had been leading his own band Slipover in Holland. Marc Hadley and Kees Meijlink were recruited and Relatives regularly toured and recorded in Holland, Belgium and the UK until the early 1990s.
After a lengthy hiatus, the band regrouped and enjoyed the experience so much that they recorded a new album between September 2006 and May 2007. 
Featuring a combination of original songs and instrumentals, the Relatives' eclectic and personal style, combines elements of jazz, pop and latin flavours
1 Duo for Tarzan 3:42  
2 Remember This 3:58
3 Midlife Crisis 5:19
4 Kaunda 3:59
5 Thoughts and Fears 4:22
6 Amazonia 4:19
7 Last Tango Go 4:20
8 Free Floor Show 5:54
9 Eye Overschie 3:55
10 Impossibility 5:26
Jack Monck- bass guitar, voice, Willem Jan Droog-keyboard, Marc Hadley-alto sax, Kees Meijlink-trombone, Mels Bol-drums, Pjotr Jurtschenko-tenor sax, flute and Mode Ngeni-congas, shaker.

Album was recorded in Amersfoort, Holland at a small but acoustically refined studio with the assistance of engineer and percussionist Mode Ngeni using Pro Tools on a Mac G4.