Format: CD
Artist: Anekdoten
CatNo: KSCOPE359
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Anekdoten Chapters cd
Originally released in 2009 as a double CD set, Chapters mixes tracks from the Anekdoten's first 5 albums chosen by the band, along with the rarities Sad Rain and When I Turn (the latter of which features Opeth's Per Wiberg).  
"...this sometimes exhilirating, often intoxicating release is a long-overdue precis of a fascinating career." Classic Rock 
Mid-price CD in digipak.
1. Ricochet [5:45]
2. The Great Unknown [6:22]
3. From Within [7:24]
4. In For A Ride [6:47]
5. The War Is Over [4:38]
6. Monolith [6:07]
7. A Sky About To Rain [6:29]
8. Every Step I Take [3:07]
9. Groundbound [5:22]
10. Gravity [8:22]
11. When I Turn [3:42]
Bonus Track:
12. Sad Rain [10:17]