Format: CD
Artist: Riverside
CatNo: 504382
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Riverside Anno Domini High Definition cd
The standard cd edition of Riverside's 2009 'reflection of our constantly changing times'.
A hard-hitting and uncompromising statement, Anno Domini High Definition revolves around the theme of how we live today. 
"It's a story about people who angrily state that such-and-such a device is no longer fashionable, before they've even learnt how to use it properly themselves. Even worse it's no longer usable, because there's something better on the market now", Mariusz Duda, vocalist, bassist, guitarist and lyricist of the four-piece explains. "For me, those are the thoughts of people who wake up every morning worrying that perhaps today their 'sell-by date' may expire."
1. Hyperactive
2. Driven to Destruction
3. Egoist Hedonist
4. Left Out
5. Hybrid Times