Format: CD
Artist: Blackfield
CatNo: KSCOPE226_del
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IV Blackfield CD


Israel's leading counter-culture rock musician Aviv Geffen returns with Blackfield IV, featuring Steven Wilson and other special guests. 
Blackfield was started by Aviv and Steven in 2001 and have previously released the critically acclaimed albums Blackfield (2004), Blackfield II (2007) and 2011's Welcome To My DNA.
Since Welcome To My DNA, Geffen's profile has continued to rise and Aviv has worked with legendary producers Tony Visconti and Trevor Horn, played live with U2 and Placebo, and has been a judge on the Israeli TV show, The Voice.
Aviv contributed the writing and vocals on Blackfield IV, with Steven Wilson - who also mixed the album - adding guitar and vocal parts. 
The new album includes guest vocal performances from Brett Anderson (Suede), Jonathan Donahue (Mercury Rev) and Vincent Cavanagh (Anathema).
This is the standard jewel case version


1. Pills
2. Springtime
3. X-Ray (featuring Vincent Cavanagh - Anathema)
4. Sense of Insanity
5. Firefly (featuring Brett Anderson - Suede)
6. The Only Fool is Me (featuring Jonathan Donahue - Mercury Rev)
7. Jupiter
8. Kissed by the Devil
9. Lost Souls
10. Faking
11. After the Rain