Format: CD
Artist: Dream Theater
CatNo: 19658770672
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Dream Theater Distance Over Time Demos CD
The latest in the Lost Not Forgotten Archives, Distance Over Time Demos (2018) documents the writing sessions for Dream Theater’s fourteenth studio album. 
Presented here in the original order in which the tracks were written and recorded, this release gives a fascinating glimpse into the DT creative process. 
Limited CD in digipak edition.
Song 01 (At Wit's End) 9:11 
Song 02 (Paralyzed) 4:22 
Song 03 (Out of Reach) 4:02 
Song 04 (Untethered Angel) 6:17 
Song 05 (Room 137) 4:09 
Song 06 (Fall Into the Light) 7:03 
Song 07 (Barstool Warrior) 6:39 
Song 08 (Viper King) 3:59 
Song 09 (Pale Blue Dot) 8:16