Format: CD
Artist: Dream Theater
CatNo: 19658756202
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Dream Theater Live At Wacken CD

A previously unreleased addition to Dream Theater’s extensive ‘Lost Not Forgotten Archives’ project, Live at Wacken (2015) sees the band playing the world-famous German festival during their Summer European tour where they celebrated their 30th anniversary as a band.

Includes material from throughout the bands career up until that point, including Burning My Soul, Panic Attack and Bridges in the Sky. 

CD in digipak.

1. Afterlife 5:35 
2. Metropolis, Pt I: The Miracle and the Sleeper 10:17 
3. Burning My Soul 5:42 
4. The Spirit Carries On 7:44 
5. As I Am 7:38 
6. Panic Attack 7:39 
7. Constant Motion 7:04 
8. Bridges in the Sky 9:43