Format: Vinyl/CD
Artist: Dream Theater
CatNo: 19658756231
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Dream Theater Live At Wacken Orange double vinyl_CD Limited

A previously unreleased addition to Dream Theater’s extensive ‘Lost Not Forgotten Archives’ project, Live at Wacken (2015) sees the band playing the world-famous German festival during their Summer European tour where they celebrated their 30th anniversary as a band. 

Includes material from throughout the bands career up until that point, including Burning My Soul, Panic Attack and Bridges in the Sky. 

Limited 180g orange double vinyl in gatefold sleeve with CD.

Afterlife 5:35 
Metropolis, Pt I: The Miracle and the Sleeper 10:17 
Burning My Soul 5:42 
The Spirit Carries On 7:44 
As I Am 7:38 
Panic Attack 7:39 
Constant Motion 7:04 
Bridges in the Sky 9:43


1. Afterlife 5:35 
2. Metropolis, Pt I: The Miracle and the Sleeper 10:17 
3. Burning My Soul 5:42 
4. The Spirit Carries On 7:44 
5. As I Am 7:38 
6. Panic Attack 7:39 
7. Constant Motion 7:04 
8. Bridges in the Sky 9:43