Format: CD
Artist: Dream Theater
CatNo: 19658783302
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Dream Theater The Making of Falling Into Infin CD

Originally released in 1997 as an International Fan Club collection, Lost Not Forgotten Archives: The Making of Falling Into Infinity (1997) documents in detail the making of the band's fourth studio album. 

Offering fans a rare glimpse into the process of creating a Dream Theater album, this collection has been remastered.

CD in digipak edition.

1. New Millenium (Basic Tracks) 1:48 
2. New Millenium (Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Stick and 7 String Guitar Overdubs) 3:19 
3. You Not Me (Basic Tracks) 2:05 
4. You Not Me (Strings, Piano, Vocals and Key Overdubs) 3:33 
5. Peruvian Skies (Basic Tracks) 1:44 
6. Peruvian Skies (Rhodes, Mellotron, Acoustic Guitar and Vocal Overdubs) 5:16 
7. Hollow Years (Basic Tracks) 3:59 
8. Hollow Years (Acoustic, Edge and Classical Guitar and Vocals Overdubs) 4:29 
9. Burning My Soul (Basic Tracks) 1:15 
10. Burning My Soul (Guitar, Key, Vocals, Talk Box and Whisper Overdubs) 3:48 
11. Hell's Kitchen (Writing the Finale) 6:07 
12. Lines in the Sand (Intro, Key, Piano and String Overdubs) 3:51 
13. Lines in the Sand (Bass, Guitar, Synth and Vocals Overdubs) 3:26 
14. Lines in the Sand (Doug Pinnick Vocals) 3:02 
15. Take Away My Pain (Alternate Take) 6:13 
16. Take Away My Pain (Basic Tracks) 2:09 
17. Take Away My Pain (Space Guitar, Hawaiin Keys, Heavy Keys and Vocals Overdubs) 2:16 
18. Just Let Me Breathe (Basic Tracks) 1:04 
19. Just Let Me Breathe (Feedback and Rhythm Guitars, Lead Guitar and Keys, Vocal Overdubs) 2:26 
20. Anna Lee (Derek Noodling at the Piano) 2:14 
21. Anna Lee (Basic Tracks) 3:48 
22. Anna Lee (Mellotron and Leslie Guitars, Slide Guitar Overdubs) 2:56 
23. Trial of Tears (Basic Tracks) 2:13 
24. Trial of Tears (Lead Guitar, Bass, Acoustic Guitar and Piano Overdubs) 2:49 
25. Trial of Tears (The End?) 0:23