Format: Vinyl
Artist: Josef K
CatNo: TWI019
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Josef K The Scottish Affair Part Two Live Limited clear vinyl
Vibrant live album by iconic Scottish guitar group Josef K recorded at the historic Beursschouwburg arts centre in Brussels on 8 April 1981.
Re-mastered limited clear vinyl edition in single sleeve with printed inner.
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Best known for their association with Postcard Records, Josef K also recorded two singles for Belgian indie Les Disques du Crepuscule (Sorry For Laughing; The Missionary), and also taped studio album The Only Fun In Town in downtown Brussels. The group first performed in the city on New Year’s Eve 1980, playing a riotous show with Orange Juice and Marine at legendary warehouse venue Plan K, and resumed their ‘Scottish affair’ with Crepuscule the following April, cutting their album in a matter of days and performing at the Beursschouwburg as well as a small youth club in Lier three nights later.
At the Beurs show Jokay rattled off 10 songs in just half an hour, with journalist Bert Bertrand noting “several good reasons to get excited” about the visiting quartet. Adds guitarist Malcolm Ross: “We played four dates in Holland on our way to Brussels and then recorded the album in about five days. So we were pretty tight and Paul was in good voice.”
Recorded from the mixing desk.
The sleeve features original 1981 poster artwork by designer Jean-Francois Octave printed in black overlaid with metallic gold pantone. The inner bag includes period flyers and images, as well as quotes by Paul Haig, Malcolm Ross, Alan Horne, Michel Duval, Annik Honore, Allan Campbell and Bert Bertrand.
1. Fun ‘n’ Frenzy
2. 16 Years
3. It’s Kinda Funny
4. Crazy To Exist
5. Forever Drone
1. Revelation
2. Citizens
3. Chance Meeting
4. Sorry For Laughing
5. Final Request