Format: CD
Artist: Tuesday The Sky
CatNo: 88985437602
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Tuesday The Sky Drift cd

Drift by Tuesday The Sky is the 2017 debut release from Jim Matheos' (Fates Warning/OSI) latest incarnation. Atmospheric and instrumental, the album emerged after Fates Warning's Theories Of Flight album sessions and includes guests Lloyd Hanney (God Is An Astronaut), Kevin Moore (Dream Theater/OSI) and Anna-Lynne William.

CD edition in pocket-pac.

1. Today The Sky (4:15)

2. Kite (5:10)

3. Vortex Street (4:46)

4. It Comes In Waves (4:30)

5. Dyatlov Pass (7:29)

6. Far And Away (4:19)

7. Westerlies (5:27)

8. Roger, Gordo (4:06)

9. The Rowing Endeth (4:31)

10. Drift (4:09)