Format: Vinyl
Artist: Baphomet
CatNo: VILELP692
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Baphomet The Dead Shall Inherit Peaceville Metal vinyl
A vinyl edition of Baphoment’s pulverising Death Metal debut album.
The Dead Shall Inherit was originally released by Peaceville imprint Deaf Records in 1992. Revered as a cult classic of pulverising heaviness, Baphomet developed a strong profile alongside fellow New Yorkers Suffocation and Immolation, shaping the brutal end of the vibrant early 1990’s Death Metal scene. 
Presented with its original sleeve artwork. 


1. The Suffering
2. Through Deviant Eyes
3. Leave The Flesh
4. Valley Of The Dead
5. Torn Soul


1. Vile Reminiscence
2. Boiled In Blood
3. Age Of Plague
4. Infection Of Death
5. Streaks Of Blood