Format: CD
Artist: Big Big Train
CatNo: EERCD0016
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Big Big Train Folklore cd
An epic progressive rock tour de force, BBT's tenth studio album is its most ambitious yet.
Breathing new life into traditional themes and creating a few new ones along the way, the crafts of melody and storytelling beat strongly at the heart of the Big Big Train and inform every track on Folklore.
Featuring an eight piece band and brass quintet - augmented by a string quartet - the album provides a superb showcase for David Longdon's emotional vocals and the band's dramatic extended compositions.
CD in digisleeve.
Folklore 7:33
London Plane 10:13
Along the Ridgeway 6:12
Salisbury Giant 3:37
The Transit of Venus Across the Sun 7:20
Wassail 6:57
Winkie 8:25
Brooklands 12:44
Telling the Bees 6:02