Format: vinyl
Artist: Brian Eno
CatNo: EGM1
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Brian Eno Music For Films Limited Promo vinyl
The ultra-rare 1976 promotional Director’s Edition of Brian Eno's glorious Music For Films
Conceived as a means of promoting Eno's music to film directors and television companies, the album was produced as a one-off pressing of 500 copies. This promo version features a 27 track sequence that radically differs from the 18 track official 1978 release. 
Vinyl in non-gatefold sleeve with black paper Island Records inner bag.
Limited to 1 per person.
Please note these have been in storage for more than forty years and are in fair to poor condition. They are water damaged, bent, creased, have edge wear, some with mildew. The inner sleeves are crinkled, discoloured and a few are torn. Sold as seen, no returns.
Side One
1 Becalmed
2 Deep Waters
3 'There Is Nobody'
4 Spain
5 Untitled
6 The Last Door
7 Chemin De Fer
8 Dark Waters
9 Sparrowfall (1)
10 Sparrowfall (2)
11 Sparrowfall (3)
12 Evening Star
13 Another Green World
Side Two
1 In Dark Trees
2 Fuseli
3 Melancholy Waltz
4 Northern Lights
5 From The Coast
6 Shell
7 Little Fishes
8 Empty Landscape
9 Reactor
10 The Secret
11 Don't Look Back
12 Marseilles
13 Final Sunset
14 Juliet