Format: CD
Artist: Brian Hulse
CatNo: bshed2004
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Brian Hulse Tim Bowness Plenty Cotton Mills And Shoes CD
Brian Hulse (Tim Bowness / Plenty) steps out of the shadows to deliver his Burning Shed label debut, the eclectic and poignant Cotton Mills And Shoes
Decades in the making - with material dating from the 1980s to the present day - CMAS delivers songs of loss and longing, home and alienation, and 'ghosts in northern landscapes’. It also contains some sad songs about shoes!
Tim Bowness lends his distinctive voice to the haunting Wardour Street and Peter Goddard (A Better Mousetrap) provides mystery and gravitas on Tales Get Told
In a world where sentimentality is out of fashion, in its own special way, CMAS might be the most unfashionable album of the year!
Artwork by Giancarlo Erra.
1. protest song (4:55)
2. crosby sands (3:51)
3. brighter than before (4:39)
4. fading ghost (4:13)
5. you get the picture (4:51)
6. tales get told (4:14)
7. pictures of home (4:58)
8. wardour street (3:14)
9. the bag (3:58)
10. you again (5:28)