Format: Vinyl
Artist: Bryan Ferry
CatNo: BFLP5
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Bryan Ferry The Bride Stripped Bare vinyl Roxy Music Limited

2021 180g remastered vinyl reissue of Bryan Ferry's fifth studio album from 1978 featuring artwork that has been faithfully restored to reflect its original first press.


The Bride stripped Bare Bryan Ferry’s fifth album released independent of Roxy Music.

Ferry approaches much more effectively, allowing him to cover such romantic soul standards as “That’s How Strong My Love Is” alongside his despondently modern “When She Walks in the Room.” It has been considered as Bryan Ferry’s most stunningly personal album.

Lovingly Re-Mastered from the original tapes by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios. 

Side One
Sign Of The Times 
Can’t Let Go 
Hold On (I’m Coming) 
Same Old Blues 
When She Walks In The Room
Side Two
Take Me To The River 
What Goes On 
That’s How Strong My Love Is 
This Island Earth