Format: CD-R
Artist: Burning Shed
CatNo: bshed0702
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Burning Shed cd-r sampler three
Burning Shed's third label sampler was issued in 2007 in a colour printed card wallet. We have now re-packaged this to match our other CDR releases and it comes in a rubber-stamped brown card envelope.
It features contributions from, amongst others, Hugh Hopper (with Robert Wyatt), William D Drake (North Sea Orchestra, Cardiacs), Tim Bowness (No-Man), Roger Eno, and Cipher (Theo Travis and Dave Sturt), the music seamlessly moves from electronic soundscapes through jazz-tinged experiments via evocative singer-songwriter melodicism and skewed English eccentricity.
1. Hugh Hopper/Matt Howarth (featuring Robert Wyatt on trumpet) - Craig's Distended Train Ride (from 'The Stolen Hour')
2. A Marble Calm - Another World - edit (from 'Surfacing') 
3. Roger Eno - Angling (from 'Fragile (Music)')
4. UXB - White House, Black Ash (from 'White House, Black Ash')
5. Pedaltone - Goodbye Honeypot (previously unreleased)
6. Andrew Keeling - Black Sun (from 'Reclaiming Eros')
7. Tim Bowness - Brave Dreams (from 'My Hotel Year')
8. Terry Stamp - Howling For The Highway Home (from'Howling For The Highway Home')
9. Marvin Ayres - Cellosphere - edit (from 'Cellosphere')
10. Allan Mostert - Inside World - edit (from 'Inside World')
11. Lost Level - Take It All (from the 'Lost Levels EP')
12. Europa String Choir - Europa ii (from 'Marching Ants')
13. Peter Chilvers - Empty Space (from 'Piano')
14. Cipher - Spirit Of The Void (from 'Elemental Forces')
15. Bearpark/Chilvers - Thin Air - edit (from 'Thin Air')
16. William D Drake - Fiery Pyre (from 'William D Drake')

Photography and design by Carl Glover for Aleph.