Rise Radiant is the most focused and potent artistic statement yet from Caligula’s Horse
An uncompromising exploration, Rise Radiant features the Caligula’s Horse sound pushed to its extremes: at once its most ferocious and its most touching, its most expansive and its most condensed, its most poetic and its most vicious. 
Limited edition CD in digipak (featuring 2 bonus tracks).

The signed postcards have now gone.

1 The Tempest 00:04:50
2 Slow Violence 00:04:32
3 Salt 00:07:40
4 Resonate 00:02:37
5 Oceanrise 00:04:37
6 Valkyrie 00:05:11
7 Autumn 00:07:51
8 The Ascent 00:10:42
Bonus Tracks
9 Don't Give Up 00:05:14
10 Message To My Girl 00:03:56