Format: Cassette
Artist: Kosmogon
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Kosmogon Massan Cassette Anekdoten
Mässan is the debut album from Kosmogon, a duo featuring classically trained pianist Sophie Linder and Nicklas Barker (composer, guitarist, Mellotronist, and singer in the Swedish progressive rock band Anekdoten). 
Mässan utilises an Arp Odyssey, a real Mellotron, a Farfisa organ, and a Logan string machine to create a tapestry of contemplative minimalist pastoral soundscapes and hallucinogenic visions, redolent of early electronic music pioneers as Tangerine Dream and Manuel Göttsching. 
Contains two evocative instrumental pieces, Mässan (25.00) and Somnus (22.59).
Limited editon cassette
Please note the last copy has a cracked case. Sold as seen, no returns.
MÄSSAN 25:00 (Linder/Barker) 
SOMNUS 22.59 (Linder/Barker) 
Sophie Linder: Mellotron, Logan String Melody & Electronics
Nicklas Barker: Organ, Arp Odyssey, Mellotron & Tape 
Composed & realized in Magic City Studio, Stockholm 2020 by Sophie Linder & Nicklas Barker 
Mastering by Hans Fredriksson at Klaxon Audio