Format: Cassette
Artist: No-Man
CatNo: BSHED2401C
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No-Man Swagger_Lost_Not_Lost_Volume_One Cassette noman

A companion release to Housekeeping, Swagger chronicles the period after the initial, wildly eclectic Tim Bowness / Steven Wilson studio experiments of 1987 and 1988, and prior to No-Man signing its first record deal in 1991. 

It mostly captures the band making a propulsive Electro-Rock music and forging a fresh and more flamboyant identity courtesy of new recruit, virtuoso violinist Ben Coleman

Featuring Steven Wilson's guitar playing to the fore and Tim Bowness’s ‘before voice’, Swagger contains 45 minutes of music - 6 unreleased songs and 3 early versions of pieces that ended up on later releases - and showcases a hungry band making its alternate universe debut album.

Limited edition cassette versionA Burning Shed exclusive.
1. Flowermouth (5.06)
2. Bleed (5.15)
3. Life Is Elsewhere (4.22)
4. Mouth Was Blue (5.03)
5. Curtain Dream (3.12)
1. Learn To Fear (5.28)
2. See No Angels (5.23)
3. Sit Silent (3.08)
4. Swirl (7.41)