Format: CD-R
Artist: Ex-Wise Heads
CatNo: BS_153_CD-r
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cd-r ex-wise heads everything is hear
Recorded live in 1998 onto an ageing 4 track cassette machine and subsequently digitally mixed and mastered, Everything Is Hear comprises a balanced selection of compositions and improvisations.
Core members Geoff Leigh (sax/flute/electronics/vocals) and Colin Edwin (fretless bass/guimbri) are joined by multi-percussionist Julian Franks, whose Middle Eastern/Indian influenced style enhances the band's sparse, lean and powerfully direct sound.
Raw and spontaneous, but inviting nonetheless.
1 departure lounge
2 bubbles
3 sassy
4 alpha waves
5 dreams of china
6 shell's bells
7 harmony monday
8 cushion
9 dubbinnit
Geoff Leigh: flutes,zither,voice,soprano saxophone, 
Colin Edwin: fretless bass,saz,guimbri. 
Julian Franks: tablas,ghatam,djembe,darabuka. 
All Tracks (Edwin/Franks/Leigh) (c) copyright control 
Recorded Live to 4 track cassette, Haywards Heath, 
May - June1998. 
Mixed/Mastered by Geoff Leigh @ Pavilion Studios, Brighton 
with the assistance of Paul Mex.