Format: CD
Artist: Colin Edwin / Jon Durant / Inna Kovtun
CatNo: HWCD 014
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Colin Edwin Jon Durant Inna Kovtun CD
Following on from their critically acclaimed long-running instrumental collaboration Burnt Belief, Colin Edwin and Jon Durant have joined forces once again, this time with pre-eminent Ukrainian vocalist Inna Kovtun
The trio have drawn on their past influences and experiences to blend seemingly unrelated musical environments, including traditional Ukrainian and Slavic folk elements, modern electronica, Progressive Rock, and a range of deep atmospherics and dreamy ambient textures.
The resulting album shares occupies an ethereal territory akin to the likes of Dead Can Dance or even The Cocteau Twins, and to Western ears, the unfamiliar vocalisations provide a compelling thread throughout. 
1. Walking Wheel (5.38)
2. My Husband Beat Me (3.55)
3. Black Cloud (4.22)
4. Hannochka (5.44)
5. Bulgarian Song (4.13)
6. Above My House (5.01)
7. Carol (3.44)
8. I Will Go Out (3.49)
9. Berries (4.21)
10. Harvest (4.20)
11. Not Sowed (5.59)
12 Interference (8.40)