Format: vinyl
Artist: Colosseum
CatNo: V321
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Colosseum Live 71 Triple vinyl

A triple vinyl set capturing Colosseum at a live peak in 1971.

Packaged in a gatefold cover, the album is filled with vibrant versions of many of Colosseum's most iconic songs (including the The Valentyne Suite). 

1. Tanglewood ‘63
2. Rope Ladder To The Moon
1. Walking In The Park
2. Skellington
1. Lost Angeles
1. The Valentyne SuiteLP3 Side A
1. I Can’t Live Without You/The Time Machine/The Machine Demands A Sacrifice
1. Skellington
2. Stormy Monday Blues
Sides A, B, C and D recorded live at Canterbury University, 1971
E1 and F2 recorded live in Manchester, 1971
F1 recorded live in Brighton, 1971