Format: Vinyl
Artist: Cosmograf
CatNo: GD050321V
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Cosmograf Rattrapante Vinyl Robin Armstrong Limited
Rattrapante is a collection of 5 songs about our interaction with time and how it defines our existence and forms our memories. 
As with previous Cosmograf releases, the album features Robin Armstrong playing most of the instruments and Kyle Fenton on drums. Chrissy Mostyn from The Blackheart Orchestra guests and Tommy McNally provides an additional voice over.
***Please note that this final copy is being sold at a reduced price due to sleeve damage.
It has a crease on the top right hand corner.
The vinyl itself is in mint condition and the shrinkwrap is still sealed.
Sold as seen, no returns***
Limited 180g double vinyl (cut at 45rpm) in gatefold sleeve.
In 1985 (12.43)
Rattrapante (9.42)
I Stick To You (6.49)
Memories Lie (8.27)
Time Will Flow (12.42)