Format: CD
Artist: David Bowie
CatNo: 0190295405731
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David Bowie Space Oddity Tony Visconti 2019 Mix CD
50th anniversary CD edition of Bowie’s seminal 1969 album featuring a 2019 mix by original producer Tony Visconti, and a die cut O-card.
This edition of the album features the title track of the boxset Conversation Piece restored to the track listing in its initially intended position before it was dropped due to time constraints of vinyl.
1. Space Oddity (5.20) 
2. Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed (6.18)
3. Letter To Hermione (2.32) 
4. Cygnet Committee (9.28) 
5. Janine (3.21) 
6. An Occasional Dream (2.57) 
7. Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (4.50)
8. Conversation Piece (3.11)
9. God Knows I'm Good (3.16) 
10. Memory Of A Free Festival (7.14)