Format: CD
Artist: David Clifton
CatNo: LRMCD08
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David Clifton Old Sea Road EP cd
The title song, Old Sea Road, co-written with Phil Baggaley, celebrates a lively traditional music pub in Galway, Ireland. "We both visited Galway at different times; Phil whilst on holiday, and I walked this very road one afternoon when on tour playing for Mary Coughlan".
Places such as this often become the centre of thriving neighbourhoods, and this song is the story-telling and imagining of what it might have represented, many years ago, for some of inhabitants of this sea-faring town. 
21st Century Song is a nod to the tendency of contemporary life to diminish the most important things; family, friends and relationships. 
Way On Home began an early folk song; the verse was first featured on the City of Gold album. Here it is in its original form, updated and re-written - with a nod to East Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains. 
The Water Is Wide is a new arrangement of the traditional English Somerset folk song.
Welcome Home (Welcome Dance) is a mandolin folk instrumental, originally recorded in north London with Helen O'Hara, and later re-recordd and adapted for the City Of Gold project.
Old Sea Road  (2.56)
Way On Home  (3.55)
21st Century Song (3.37) 
The Water Is Wide (3.42)
Welcome Home (Welcome Dance) (1.10)

Vocals Guitar and Mandolin: David Clifton Helen O'Hara: violin David Fitzgerald: whistle Recorded by Trevor Reddick at Audio Matters, Kodak, Tennessee Mixed by Ben McAmis Mastered by Richard Dodd, Nashville, Tennessee Little Room Recordings All songs by David Clifton except Old Sea Road (Clifton/Baggaley) and The Water Is Wide (traditional, arranged David Clifton) Copyright © little room music/IQ music, administered in the USA by Wixen Music