Format: CD
Artist: David Torn
CatNo: 6752813
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David Torn Cloud About Mercury Bill Bruford Tony Levin CD
2019 CD in card sleeve edition of David Torn's essential 1986 release Cloud About Mercury.
Featuring Torn in a quartet with Bill Bruford, Tony Levin and Mark Isham, the album is a restlessly inventive combination of Art Rock, Fusion and Ambient Jazz experiments that is regarded as one of the best Progressive releases of the 1980s.
Bruford’s affection for the album is undying, “To this day, Torn’s guitar on ‘Three Minutes of Pure Entertainment’ from Cloud About Mercury makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.” 
suyafhu skin... snapping the hollow reed 
the mercury grid 
3 minutes of pure entertainment 
previous man 
network of sparks: the delicate code 
network of sparks: egg learns to walk ... suyafhu seal
David Torn: acoustic and electric guitars; 
Mark Isham: trumpet, piccolo trumpet, fugelhorn, synthesizer; 
Tony Levin: Chapman stick, synthesizer bass; 
Bill Bruford: Simmons drums, synthesizer drums, percussion