Format: CD/DVD
Artist: Deep Purple
Availability: 19-07-2024
CatNo: 0219134EMU
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Deep_Purple Equals_1 CD_DVD Ian_Gillan Ian_Paice Roger_Glover
Produced by the legendary Bob Ezrin, =1 captures Deep Purple’s classic sound without relying on nostalgia, imbuing the essence and attitude of the band's 1970s incarnation with a contemporary energy.
Following three consecutive No.1 albums, =1 finds Deep Purple at a commercial and creative pinnacle.
Limited CD/DVD in digipak with a 24-page booklet and a bonus DVD including the documentary Access All Areas.
1. Show Me
2. A Bit On The Side
3. Sharp Shooter
4. Portable Door
5. Old-Fangled Thing
6. If I Were You
7. Pictures Of You
8. I’m Saying Nothin’
9. Lazy Sod
10. Now You’re Talkin’
11. No Money To Burn
12. I’ll Catch You
13. Bleeding Obvious
Documentary “Access All Areas"
Subtitles: English, German, Spanish, French