Format: CD
Artist: D’Virgilio, Morse & Jennings
CatNo: 19658834012
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DVirgilio Morse Jennings Sophomore CD Big_Big_Train Haken

D’Virgilio, Morse & Jennings’ appropriately titled 2nd album, Sophomore, builds from where the trio’s debut left off, with acoustic guitars and multi-layer vocal harmonies paired with an ever-adventurous musical palette.  

Available as a limited CD in digipak edition (including two bonus tracks and an 8 page booklet).

1. Hard To Be Easy 5:09 
2. Linger At The Edge Of My Memory 5:04 
3. Tiny Little Fires 3:32 
4. Right Where You Should Be 3:43 
5. The Weary One 4:45 
6. Mama 3:52 
7. I'm Not Afraid 3:57 
8. Weighs Me Down 4:12 
9. Walking On Water 5:18 
10. Anywhere The Wind Blows 4:29 
11. Right Where You Should Be   Alternative Version 3:43 
12. The Weary One   Alternative Version 4:46