Debut solo album from visionary Ozric Tentacles founder Ed Wynne.
Shimmer Into Nature was recorded and inspired by the different locations Ed travelled to over three years: From deep in the Colorado Mountains to the Firth of Forth, via the coastlines of Cornwall and South Devon.
Ed comments, "The idea is to transport the listener to a place where the everyday ups and downs of the world dissipate, leaving the mind free to wander through a colourful, omnidirectional guitar and synth driven musical landscape for a while, landing eventually, hopefully freshly charged, with a smile and a calmer spirit."
The music - comprising five long pieces - was written, programmed, mixed and performed by Ed, with mastering by Adam Goodlet at Re:Creation studios, with artwork designed by Psychedelic illustrator John Hurford. 
CD in digipak.
1. Glass Staircase [08:01]
2. Travel Dust [08:32]
3. Oddplonk [08:06]
4. Shim [07:49]
5. Wherble [10:21]