Format: Vinyl
Artist: eMolecule
CatNo: 19658773001
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eMolecule The Architect Clear double vinyl Simon Collins

The Architect is the debut release from Simon Collins and Kelly Nordstrom’s fascinating new project eMolecule.

A 70-minute-long concept album offering an inventive and contemporary take on soulful Rock and Prog Metal, The Architect contains 11 exquisitely constructed pieces.

Mixed by Swedish Grammy Award winner Daniel Bergstrand (Devin Townsend) and mastered by Lawrence Mackrory.

Limited edition double clear 180g vinyl in gatefold. Includes signed postcard (whilst stocks last).

1. Emolecule 10:43
2. The Architect 6:05
1. Prison Planet 4:58
2. Mastermind 8:39
3. Dosed 5:07
1. The Turn 5:56
2. Awaken 5:09
3. Beyond Belief 4:47
1. The Universal 6:03
2. My You 5:27
3. Moment of Truth 6:56