Format: cd
Artist: Eternal Return
CatNo: ND11
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Eternal Return Once Only CD Colin Edwin Robert Jurjendal
Including Colin Edwin, Robert Jürjendal, Miguel Toro, and Dogon (the duo of Miguel Noya and Paul Godwin), Eternal Return is a Progressive quintet combining various duos/trios that have previously recorded and toured together. 
The collective’s album is concerned with “nomadism” in a time of lockdown and musically sits alongside the progressive ambient likes of Talk Talk, David Sylvian, and This Mortal Coil.  
'Colin Edwin's tasteful fretless bass combined with atmospheric textures, and voice from Eternal Return unveils songs built on air. A special and sensitive offering.' -  Bill Laswell
CD in digipak.
1. Nomad
2. The Void
3. A Medium-Sized Village
4. The Triggering Town
5. The Bottom of the Pond
6. The Sky