Format: CD
Artist: Ex-Wise Heads
CatNo: HWCD009
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colin edwin schemata ex-wise heads cd geoff leigh
Accessible and absorbing, just over an hour of new music showcases the duo's ever developing fascination with soundscapes, minimalism, atmospherics, unusual instrumentation and exotic and trance-like rhythmic patterns around the core elements of Colin Edwin's forceful bass playing and Geoff Leigh's fearless and spontaneous flute and saxophone solos. 
Intense and fiery compositions are interspersed by more mellifluous and meditative tracks, creating an all-encompassing sonic journey through Ex-Wise Heads musical landscape.
Rick Edwards guests on percussion and Rajan Spolia adds his inimitable raga like acoustic guitar work to the nine minute closing track Breathing to Forget.
1. Thymasis (7.05)
2. Pretertial (3.32)
3. Halftones (5.54)
4. Prismatic (11.08)
5. Ascendance (5.02)
6. Ditto (4.38)
7. Aureole (4.14)
8. Achromatize (11.12)
9. Breathing to Forget (9.25)
Ex-Wise Heads:
Geoff Leigh - Flutes, Soprano Saxophone, Zither, Jaws Harp, Chaos.
Colin Edwin - Fretless, Fretted and Upright Basses, Programming, Keyboards.
with guests:
Rick Edwards - Various Percussion.
Rajan Spolia - Acoustic Guitar on Breathing to Forget
Recorded and mixed by Colin Edwin at Nightspace.