Format: Boxset - vinyl
Artist: Radiohead
CatNo: XLMX868
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Radiohead oknotok deluxe vinyl
The 20th Anniversary Deluxe edition of Radiohead’s landmark third album OK Computer.
OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997 2017 features three 180g black vinyl LPs in a triple-sleeve gatefold cover containing 23 remastered tracks (the original twelve track album, three unreleased tracks and eight B-sides). 
The vinyl is housed in a hardcover book along with 40 pages of artwork and lyrics.
Includes a 104 page notebook, a further 48 page sketchbook of artwork and notes, a C90 cassette mix tape compiled by the band (taken from OK Computer session archives and demo tapes) and a download card for a 320k MP3 or 16-bit WAV download of the 23 track album and the tape.
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A1 Airbag 4:43
A2 Paranoid Android 6:24
A3 Subterranean Homesick Alien 4:27
B4 Exit Music (For A Film) 4:24
B5 Let Down 4:59
B6 Karma Police 4:21
C7 Fitter Happier 1:57
C8 Electioneering 3:50
C9 Climbing Up The Walls 4:45
C10 No Surprises 3:48
D11 Lucky 4:19
D12 The Tourist 5:24
E13 I Promise 4:00
E14 Man Of War 4:29
E15 Lift 4:07
E16 Lull 2:26
E17 Meeting In The Aisle 3:08
F18 Melatonin 2:09
F19 A Reminder 3:52
F20 Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2) 4:22
F21 Pearly* 3:39
F22 Palo Alto 3:52
F23 How I Made My Millions 3:09
Side A
1 Zx Spectrum Symphony
2 A.M.S. Hello
3 True Love Tape Loop
4 Let Down (Thom 4track)
5 I May Be Paranoid But Not An Android..
6 Attention (Thom 4track)
7 Noise Sketch By Nigel
8 Climbing Up The Walls (Abbey Road Strings)
9 Someone Help This Guy..
10 Motion Picture Soundtrack (Solo Piano)
11 Was That Recording?
12 The Jumbled Words Of Climbing Up The Walls Read By Little Dan Clements
13 Lull (Ed Guitar Infinite Reverb)
14 Airbag Drums Through Moog
15 Karma Police In Space Echo
16 Karma Police Voice Through Telephone
17 (Talking)
18 Piano Sketch By Jonny
19 Big Bird Story By Stanley Donwood
20 No Surprises (First Idea From A Soundcheck Somewhere)
21 Radio Chaser Noise
22 Fridge Buzz
23 True Love Space Loop
24 (Talking)
25 Are You Someone?
Side B
1 Nigel A.M.S. Delay
2 Jonny's Radio From Climbing Up The Walls
3 Climbing Up The Walls (Thom 4track)
4 A Piano Lies Down In The Middle Of The Road
5 Transposing Noise Sketch By Nigel
6 Early Paranoid Android Version Jonny & Thom
7 Alternative Paranoid Android Ending Live In Pittsburg
8 Airbag Early Acoustic Version
9 (Talking)
10 Paranoid Android Loud Room And St Catherine's
11 Nigel A.M.S. Paranoid Guitar Sample
12 Nude Early Band Version
13 The National Anthem (Thom 4track)
14 Ambient Loops
15 Man Of War Live In Montpellier
16 Nigel A.M.S. Delay Again
17 Thom's Acoustic As Microphone In Climbing Up The Walls
18 Ok Computer Program